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The project is located in Cape Finisterre, the end of the world, and for some pilgrims the last stage of the Route of Santiago. A stage that ends with three rituals through which the pilgrims purified their souls before returning to their homes. These rituals consisted of bathing in the beach of Langosteira, cleaning up after the long road; to burn the used clothes, getting rid of the old; and see the sunset, finishing the stage before the Way and welcoming the new.

The task consists in the creation of a space where the pilgrims can carry out the last two rituals. The first space is the burner, characterized by being a closed volume with a zenith opening in the center. This space also acts as an articulation element since after finishing with the burning of the clothes the pilgrim can choose between three "roads" which lead to different viewpoints or meditation places from where to contemplate the sunset or meditate.

The most notable feature of the project are the materials used. The walls are formed by stone cages, which in addition to facilitating the adaptation to the field topography allow the passage of light, air and sounds from the outside. Since the road is something that runs on the outside, an important feature was the permeability of the building.

Project in cooperation with Tran Hoang My Linh.
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