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The proposed project for the rehabilitation of the old flour mill of Alfara del Patriarca, currently in a state of ruin, in an exclusive library for the Architecture Faculty of the UCH-CEU of Valencia; solves a program that satisfies the basic needs of the Architecture students as well as the characteristics that a building of such typology must offer.

A large entrance hall articulates the main spaces that shape the program. On one side gives access to the auditorium, cafeteria, administrative area, newspaper library and video library, concentrating in this way the most public areas. Also from the hall you have access to the two existing orthogonal bodies, which host a program that requires less activity such as: study and reading room, drawing room, group work rooms and computer. In this way we managed to separate the zone of most activity, and therefore more noisy, of the quiet one.

The building is modified in different points: only the most important orthogonal bodies are maintained, an external one and the "Silos". The ground floor and loft area of ​​the facade are destroyed to host the conference hall inside. The interior of the "Silos", protected element, will host an exhibition hall with different levels.

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